Shortstop PAAR5 2020 Final

For our Shortstop Percent Above Average Ranking 5 Categories we measured how much each player outperformed the positional average in the 5 commonly used hitter categories (Runs, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, Batting Average, and Stolen Bases).

The players included in the top 9 were the top PAAR5 performers who had qualifying batting averages. The honorable mentions did not meet the PA requirement to be a qualifier, but had high PAAR5 performances highlighted by high rating performances when adjusted for their lower PA. To qualify as a shortstop, the players needed to play 10 games at short in the 2020 season.

Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. ranked highest among shortstops in 2020 across the five categories. Tatis ranked first in Runs, Home Runs, and Runs Batted In. In second, Trea Turner followed up his injury heavy World Series campaign with an amazing all-around season, ranking in the top four among the position in all five stats.

1. Fernando Tatis Jr +59.6%

                First in R (50), First in HR (17), First in RBI (45), Fifth in SB (11)

                Worst stat: AVG (.277 – 11th in SS)

2. Trea Turner +46.5%

                Third in R (46), Third in HR (12), T-Second in RBI (41), Fourth in SB (12), First in AVG (.340)

                Ranks Top-5 in all 5 stats

3. Corey Seager +42.3%

                Second in HR (15), T- Second in RBI (41), Fourth in AVG (.307)

                Worst stat: SB (1)

4. Xander Bogaerts +30.8%

                T-Fourth in HR (11), Fifth in AVG (.300)

                Worst stat: RBI (11 – 9th inSS)

5. Trevor Story +29.7%

                Fifth in R (41), T-Fourth in HR (11), Third in SB (15)

                Worst stat: RBI (28 – 9th in SS)

6. Tim Anderson +28.2%

                Fourth in R (45), Second in AVG (.322)

                Worst stat: RBI (21 – 19th in SS)

7. Didi Gregorius +22.2%

                Fourth in RBI (40)

                Worst stat: SB (3)

8. Dansby Swanson +21.3%

                Second in R (49), Fifth in RBI (35)

                Worst stat: AVG (.274 – 12th in SS)

9. Chris Taylor +14.0%

HM. Willi Castro 140 PA +32.6%

.349 would have been 2nd if non-qualifiers were included. RBI rate on a PA basis ranks 4th

HM. Bo Bichette 128 PA +30.1%

.301 would have been 8th if non-qualifiers were included. 1st in RBI-rate (PA-basis)

HM. Adalberto Mondesi -7.1%

First in SB (24)

Special thanks to Baseball Reference for the stats

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